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Get rid of stress once and for all, with this award winning album…

1. Bright Angels
2. Grey-eyed Morn
3. Lanterns
4. Golden Chariot
5. Streaks of Light
6. Rusticana
7. Aurora’s Bed
8. Herald of the Morning
9. Above the Clouds
10. Out of the Dark
11. Heal
12. Love’s Light
13. Rising in the East
14. Leave the Light on (I’ll be Home)

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As one reviewer put it, this music is “the most expressive, relaxing piano music I have ever experienced. As one with a lifetime love of music, I could listen to these compositions for a lifetime.”

Gary’s dynamic and expressive style have captured the attention of critics around the world and his soulful delivery and knack for melodies make this album the perfect backdrop for that epic romantic evening or even just sitting over your favorite bottle of wine.

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