They’re not laughing now…

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I’m guessing you enjoy piano – or play piano yourself. Let me share a piano story I think you’ll enjoy. Ultimately, you’ll see this is a story about YOU… Take a look at the old black & white advertisement above. It implies you just sit down at the piano and start blowing people’s socks off! Well, […]

14 Years…

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It’s been 14 years since I released the first Naked Piano album and I want to pause and celebrate this milestone with you. You know when you create something worthwhile (a project, painting, story, song, poem, garden, or even a child) – it becomes a part of you. You pour your heart and soul into its creation. It takes on a life of […]

Life, Death, and Transitions. My 30-year journey back from the dead…

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A Taste of Life. It was January, 1986. Only 18 years old, I had just finished my first semester at UConn where I had made the varsity ice hockey team and had quickly built a core group of friends. It was Winter Break, and I had just enjoyed “First Night Boston” with my friends. It was […]

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